Make It Last Forever

My father was the earliest influencer of my love for music. He was a member of the Columbia House music club. I would watch him tear open those envelops to methodically select his album of the month. And when I say album, I do mean album. In those days, we slide albums from their covers and carefully placed it on the phonograph. Fancy listeners placed the needle on the record with an automatic arm. Those were the better days of music.

Make It Last Forever was one of my early favorites. I would listen to this album on repeat.

Release Date:November 24, 1987
Sub-Genre:New Jack Swing
Label:Vintertainment, Elektra
Producer:Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley
I Want Her
Something Just Ain’t Right
Make It Last Forever
Don’t Stop Your Love
On the ChartsPosition
US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)1
US Billboard 20015
UK Albums (OCC)41
New Zealand Albums46

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